Digital Doubles
& Digital Humans

Eisko has developed the finest 3D Digital Double and Digital Human expertise for Entertainment, Cosmetics and Industry.



All your needs related to Digital Doubles, from 3D head and full body scanning to state-of-art rigging, 3D animation, and much more for VFX studios, video game industry, advertising and production studios.



Using Digital Doubles we cover the entire development process of your cosmetic products and treatments, from research and development, clinical studies, to scientific claims and marketing testimonials.



We create tailor-made Digital Humans supporting your needs in Virtual Influencers, Virtual Assistants, and Synthetic Machine Learning Datasets to address all your communication, brand activation, R&D and more.

Meet Louise

Download our 3D model for free

Louise is a 3D Digital Double Model sample who represents among other things the quality of our Facial Rigging and PBR Textures. Download her now to catch a glimpse of our work!