Make your digital double and live tailor-made immersive experiences where nothing is impossible


A new era in the
Art History

begins with you

After a decade of creating 3D Digital Doubles and Digital Humans of the most famous celebrities for luxury brands of the beauty and entertainment industry, we open our doors to you.

Experience the transition from physical to digital world and open multiple new possibilities to augment your reality. Thanks to our 3D scanning, reproduction and immersion technologies, create your Digital Double or the ones of your beloved to produce new artistic representations and assets, relive unique moments or differentiate your social presence and digital interactions.

Walk in the footsteps of prominent celebrities


New sensations in Paris or Monaco

In our studios on the Champs Elysées, in Monaco or on request, our advisor will confidentially guide you through the process, from the creation of an experience that resonates with you to the delivery of your tailor-made physical or digital object.

An unforgettable memory made for you.


Yourself under a new prism

Under the lights of our 3D scanning environment, we create your photorealistic Digital Double down to the micro expression.

Reveal who you are with custom-made physical objects like works of art, stand out on the metaverses with your very own ultra-realistic Digital Double.


Emotions with your loved ones

Create a life-like Digital Double of your loved ones or those who have passed away. Live or relive cherished moments with our virtual reality, augmented reality, and more technologies. This immortalized moment is outside of time and space: it belongs to you.


In media and metaverses

We guarantee the compatibility of all our 3D models and experiences on today's and tomorrow's media, as well as interoperability on metaverses.

Cross the mirror

The Experience is a 3-step process, from contact to delivery.


Book a session and our consultant will call you or welcome you in our offices on the Champs Elysées or in Monaco to explain the process and to discuss about your projects.


You enter our 3D scanning systems and we reproduce you perfectly, or we recreate the people you want in order to integrate these 3D models into the digital or physical object you have chosen.


You discover the Digital Double we have made, delivered to you on a luxurious support guaranteeing its duration in time as well as the tailor-made physical or digital object.

Contact us

Let's create your dream: we'd love to hear about your project and help you to make it come to life.