Eisko Studio

We create tailor-made Virtual Humans supporting your needs in Virtual Influencers/Youtubers, Virtual Assistants/3D Chatbots, and Synthetic Machine Learning Datasets to address all your communication, advertising, brand activation, community engagement, and R&D challenges.



We create tailor-made Virtual Characters

We create your Digital Human for all your use cases: on demand, based on your character sheet or licensed from one of our pre-existing 3D models.

Virtual Influencer
Virtual YouTuber

Innovatively engage your communities around your brand and enhance your Content Marketing strategy with your Virtual Influencer powered by an AI, which will spread all your messages.

We create your 3D Digital Human Influencer: we design or follow your character design, fit the character's stylization and expressions to your needs, and provide you with the necessary rendering modes and formats for broadcasting on all channels (Instagram, YouTube, streaming on Twitch, Hologram for events...).

Instagram photo of Yuna, Virtual Influencer of Prosieben, Digital Human made by Eisko

Virtual Assistant
3D Chatbot

Your multilingual and multi-platform Virtual Assistant (mobile, web, vehicles, holograms...) is the natural and emotional human-machine interface, both visually and vocally: strengthen your company's internal support and training, while expanding online sales and customer service.

We create your custom Digital Human 3D Chatbot, from character design to voice or text driven animation, integrated with your conversational engine or the existing artificial intelligences.

Synthetic Training Datasets

We power your machine learning applications (MLP) with data sets of faces, bodies, clothes and props in any light and action conditions.

With over 10 years of experience working with major production and VFX companies, we have built up a database of Digital Humans and Digital Doubles from any ethnic group, age group, gender and morphology allowing us to generate high quality, accurate and consistent data training sets for all your artificial intelligence projects.

Synthetic Training Datasets of Digital Humans 3D faces for machine learning applications


Create emotions in metaverses and omniverses

By 2026, 25% of people worldwide will spend at least one hour a day in the metaverses and omniverses, not forgetting that one third of all purchased items will be digital (Gartner, February 2022).

You and your customers deserve more than lifeless avatars: engage your communities and create emotions among them with unmatched quality 3D Digital Humans and Digital Twins of products and brands that we guarantee to be interoperable among all metaverses.


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